Interaction Program on Powering Enterprises through Renewable Energy

  February 11th 2014

Unavailability of reliable energy, especially electricity, is one of the major constraints for the industrial development in Nepal. Long hours of load shedding have compelled industries, supplied with grid electricity to use very expensive diesel generated electricity. On the other hand, average load factor of micro hydro plants (MHPs) in rural areas is around 30% because electricity from these plants is still primarily used for lighting. Many reports and experts are of the opinion that there is high potential for utilizing electricity generated from the MHPs and other RE schemes to power enterprises. Availability of natural, forest based and agricultural resources in the vicinity of MHPs may increase viability of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in these areas. This opportunity is not only limited to the residents in the MHPs catchment areas but also for the outside investors. Since most of the renewable energy projects in the past were focused on increasing energy access to all, potential opportunities of establishing enterprises in renewable energy catchment areas is not yet fully identified and utilized and this topic has not been discussed adequately among stakeholders.

In this context, the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (APEC) together with the Federation of Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) organized an interaction program on “Powering Enterprises through Renewable Energy” on 11th February 2014. The main objective of the event was to explore the investment opportunities for promoting MSMEs in rural areas by utilizing renewable energy sources. Small and cottage industry owners from various districts, members of FNCSI, FNCCI, Young Entrepreneurs Association, Women Entrepreneurs’ Association and other relevant stakeholders attended the interaction program.

Events Photo of Interaction Program on Powering Enterprises through Renewable Energy