Background: Realizing the need of capacity development at all levels, AEPC has established RE-Source as a separate wing with the support of SNV Netherlands Development Organization in 2012. It has also planned to internalize capacity development services as a cross-cutting theme in all range of RE services by aiming to develop the market-led Capacity Development Services which will ultimately support sustainable Renewable Energy technology in Rural Nepal.

During its establishment year, RE-Source worked in developing market based CD service providers in order to meet the capacity development needs of the rural RE sector stakeholders. It was designed to fill the void to success of the NRREP by developing CD providers in RE sector, in order to reach women and excluded groups in rural and underserved areas of the country with RE Technologies (RETs) and productive energy use solutions.

RE-Source is designed and implemented under AEPC's National Rural and Renewable Energy Program (NRREP) framework with complementing roles to enhance capacity of all stakeholders by provisioning of market-led Capacity Development Services.

Rational: There is an escalated growth of organisations promoting renewable energy but their sustainability lies in their capacity to deal with external changing context related to achieving their targets.  AEPC has been promoting various types of RETs such as Solar, Biomass, Micro hydro, Biogas and Wind Energy. RE-Source had executed various projects related to capacity development services of these RETs promoters arbitrarily since its tenure of establishment. However, after two and half years of experience and feedback from review mission (May–August, 2014), AEPC and SNV have realised that RE-Source needs to develop its own unique market-led model and focused implementation strategy to consolidate the experiences. Hence, the new strategy of RE-Source is prepared for re-positioning of RE-Source programme in the energy sector as a whole. However, the new strategy will be piloted in Solar PV, Bio-gas and Micro Hydro only