Overall objective of RE-Source is to promote social entrepreneurship through market-led CDS interventions to provide affordable and quality RETs and its related services in the rural areas.

The specific objectives of RE-Source are to:

  • Promote Social Entrepreneurship: The capacity of RET suppliers and its related service providers will be enhanced to serve as social entrepreneurs. They will be motivated to develop innovative solutions to cater the need of rural people.
  • Develop CDS Packages: The CDS providers will be selected and supported in designing, developing and implementing market-led CDS packages.
  • Increase Interaction Among Market Actors:  Interaction among market actors will be increased, which will result in supply of affordable, accessible and acceptable RETs and its related services to RETs users in the rural areas.
  • Mobilise Social Leaders: Local leaders, existing NGOs/CBOs will be capacitated and mobilised to facilitate rural people for access to RETs and related services. They also work as social motivators, local change agent and social leader.